Bulk Discount Tea Cups (Teacups)

If you are looking for low priced good quality tea cups for your events, you've come to the right place!  We offer the lowest price and the best selection of bulk discount tea cups on the internet!

You'll be ready for any occasion with our inexpensive sets of porcelain tea cups and saucers in over 25 patterns as well as our low price discount cases of tea cups and saucers at near wholesale price.

All of our tea cups come with saucers!

Low Price Teacups Assorted Floral
Set of 6 Assorted Floral Porcelain Tea Cups
A variety from 3 lovely teacup patterns
Gold Trim  $29.99
Bright Floral Discount Teacups
Set of 6 Bright Floral Tea Cups
2 each of 3 Porcelain Teacup Patterns  $27.94

6 Lucinda Teacups  $29.94

6 Vintage Rose Teacups  $29.94
Rose Teacups
6 Gingham Rose Low Price Tea Cups Teacups
Butterfly Inexpensive Teacups
6 Butterfly Tea Cups
2 Styles of Teacups Bulk Price $29.94


6 Inexpensive Dragonfly Tea Cups and Saucers  $32.34
Pink Ribbon Bulk Porcelain Teacups
6 Pink Ribbon Tea Cups Breast Cancer Benefit Teacups  $29.94

6 Pink Rose Bulk Tea Cups and Saucers  $34.20
Pink Morning Cheap Price Teacups
6 Pink Morning Porcelain Tea Cups Low Price $28.14
Pansy Joy Cheap Price Teacups
6 Pansy Joy Porcelain Tea Cups Discount $28.14
Inexpensive Holly Porcelain Teacups
6 Holly Holiday Inexpensive Porcelain Tea Cups  $26.94
Inexpensive Mixed Floral Porcelain Teacups
6 Mixed Floral Discount Porcelain Tea Cups  $27.99

6 Inexpensive White Butterfly Tea Cups
Timeless Rose Bulk Discount Tea Cups
6 Timeless Rose Porcelain Tea Cups and Saucers  $29.94
Blue Butterfly Porcelain Teacups Low Price
6 Inexpensive Blue Butterfly Tea Cups
Red Hat Teacups Cheap Price
6 Red Hat Inexpensive Porcelain Tea Cups

Celestine Bulk Discount Tea Cups
6 Celestine Tea Cups and Saucers at Low Price  $29.94
Marguerite Bulk Discount Tea Cups
6 Marguerite Inexpensive Tea Cups and Saucers  $29.94
Low Price Teacups Fruit and Floral Chintz
Set of 6 Fruit and Floral Chintz Discount Tea Cups
Assorted Teacups from Patterns Above  $29.94

Inexpensive Ceramic Teacups and Saucers WhiteInexpensive Ceramic Teacups and Saucers Seafoam TeapotInexpensive Ceramic Teacups and Saucers Blue TeapotInexpensive Ceramic Teacups and Saucers Pink Teapot
Set of 3 Ceramic Tea Cups with Saucers
Available in White, Green, Blue and Pink  $22.50

Discount Ceramic Teapot
Available in White, Green, Blue and Pink  $18.95